District Court Judge

Mission Statement

The mission of the Cabot District Court is to provide equal justice in the resolution of criminal prosecutions, traffic charges, civil claims and other court related services to the public, without regard to the race, nationality, religion, wealth or poverty of any litigant, witness or advocate who may appear in the court. 

Cabot District Court

This mission is to be conducted in full compliance with the Constitution of the United States, the Constitution of Arkansas, the laws and statutes enacted by Congress and the General Assembly, and established precedent.


District Courts

District courts, formerly known as municipal courts before passage of Amendment 80 to the Arkansas Constitution, exercise district-wide jurisdiction over misdemeanor cases, violations of city ordinances, traffic violations, and civil cases in matters of not more than $5,000. A Small Claims division of District Court provides a forum in which citizens represent themselves to resolve minor civil matters.


Cabot District Court is located and exercises jurisdiction within the Northern District of Lonoke County, which includes the cities of Cabot, Austin and Ward, and the following townships: Butler, Caroline, Cleveland, Eagle, Goodrum, Magness, Oak Grove, Prairie, Totten, Ward, and York.

City of Austin Jurisdiction

The City of Austin is served by a separate City Court which has jurisdiction within the City of Austin, and the City of Ward is served by a District Court which shares concurrent jurisdiction with Cabot District Court throughout the district.

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