Lost/Found Pets

If you've found a pet
One of the most common calls we get is "I've found a pet, what do I do?" CASS is here to answer that question!

Step 1: If possible, secure the animal. Some pets are scared so be patient and persistent. If you cannot safely contain the pet, call animal control.

Step 2: Check for tags or injuries. If they have tags, call their parents and set up a reunion. If they have a city registration tag, call the animal shelter for owner information. Similarly, if they have a rabies tag, call the vet office it originated from. Sometimes the owner information is stitched directly onto the collar so make sure to look there as well.

Step 3: Take the pet to the shelter or a local vet to have them scanned for a microchip. 

Step 4: Hold onto the pet for 48 hours. Typically, pets don't wander too far from home so the chances are that someone is looking for them close to where they were found. Be sure to call the shelter and make sure that the pet is recorded as being found. 

Step 5: Spread the word! You can print found dog/cat flyers from our template below, post the dog/cat on Finding Rover, PetFBI, Pawboost (all linked below), post the dog/cat on Concerned Citizens of Cabot Lost and Found Pet page on Facebook and on the pet on Arkansas Lost and Found Pets Network website.

If no one comes forward to claim their pet, we would love for you to foster the pet until they can be adopted. The shelter is a stressful place for pets and waiting in a home is far preferable to waiting in a kennel at the shelter. If you would like to foster the pet you found, please fill out this foster information sheet. 

If you found the pet in the county, please follow steps 1-5 as listed above. If you are unable to find the owner through this method, reach out to local rescues to see if they can assist. 

Alternatively, we get "I've lost my pet! What do I do?"

Step 1: Call the shelter and tell them that you're missing your pet and ask for them to keep an eye out for pets matching their description. Pets brought into the shelter will also be posted on our website under the "Adoptable Pets at Our Shelter" tab. Please keep an eye on the website just in case.

Step 2: Spread the word! Print and post lost flyers around where your pet was last seen. Post that your pet is missing on Finding Rover, PetFBI, Pawboost (all linked below), Concerned Citizens of Cabot Lost and Found Pets Facebook page and Arkansas Lost and Found Pets Network website.

Finding Rover

Lost and Found Flyer Templates