Community and Economic Development Projects

The City of Cabot leadership is dedicated to improving the infrastructure and facilities for the residents of Cabot. Over the past years, this administration has approved numerous projects and funding to support the growth of our community and prepare for the future.  Strategic planning, a progressive vison and collaboration with stakeholders is vital to the success of Cabot.  

Check out all of the projects that will positively impact the City of Cabot for years to come.  Each project is in various phases of design, engineering and construction. As each one is completed the list will be updated and announcements will be made.

Cabot Projects Updated September 2023

2021 Cabot Bond Extension

Through town hall events, city council work session, community meetings, and very long days the city administration formulated a comprehensive plan to present to the voters of Cabot. With complete transparency, local leaders successfully outlined the goals for the bond extension, and the long-term benefits to the community. Residents were asked to consider 10 separate ballot initiatives that included refunding the current bonds, infrastructure, public safety, and efficiency improvements.  In August 2021, Cabot voters approved maintaining the city’s current sales-tax rate, and would issue $72 million in bonds for Community and Economic Development projects. 

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