Street and Drainage Projects

Dakota Drive

In 2022, this project received the initial approval and funding from the City Council to connect Main Street and Locust Street.  Due to the complexity of the utility infrastructure, the design of the roadway took extensive planning.  A major gas pipeline runs across this property, and in order to cross the structure engineers had to follow specific Federal pipeline regulations. You will notice that the roadway takes a hard 90 degree turn then heads north to Locust.  It was designed this way to allow traffic to cross over the pipeline without risking the integrity of the pipeline. Roadway is completed and opened on Monday, October 9, 2023


Main Street Streetscape

This project is the 2nd phase of the Main Street Streetscape plan that was funded by a Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) through ARDOT.  The grant was approved for infrastructure-related projects and systems that will provide safe routes for non-drivers, including children, older adults, and individuals with disabilities.

The engineering design includes sidewalk connections on both sides of Main Street from 10th Street to Ryland Drive.  They will will be constructing a closed system drainage (no ditches) to make room for the sidewalks, decorative pedestrian lighting, and benches to match the existing charm of the roadway.  In addition, there will be a signalized pedestrian crossing at 10th Street.  This project is currently under construction. 

South Locust Drive

South Locust Drive is a part of the strategic plan to create a corridor that runs south of Main street.  The road runs parallel to the new Hampton Inn Hotel between the Home Depot property.   It will connect Goings Drive to Home Depot Drive opening up a pathway that will eventually connect to Elm Street.  

elm to locust

Hwy 67/167 Widening

In 2020, the announcement of a $40 million Infrastructure for Rebuilding America grant and a $10 million BUILD award.  The federal money will allow Hwy. 67/167 to be widened from four lanes to six lanes from Hwy. 5 to the Hwy. 89 interchanges. The widening of Hwy. 67/167 in Cabot from Hwy. 5 to Hwy. 89 was put out to bid in October 2023. It is projected to cost $75-$100 million. Widening work will bring more sections of Hwy. 67/167 up to interstate standards and turn it into a future I-57 connecting to Sikeston, Mo.

For a list of currently advertised ARDOT Projects CLICK HERE

Exit 16 &19 Interchange

In addition, the City has also received approval and funding for ARDOT to construct a SPUI at the Hwy. 5 and the Hwy. 89 interchanges. The single-point urban interchange or SPUI is designed with fewer traffic lights, which helps reduce the number of accidents and improve traffic flow. The project will add through lanes and additional turn lanes to help traffic flow smoothly through the interchange. In turn, the SPUI will also help nearby businesses by relieving traffic congestion. Reconstructing the Hwy. 5 and Hwy. 89 interchanges has a proposed bid letting date of February 2024. The projected cost is $100-$125 million. 

Watch the video below, courtesy of MoDOT, on how to navigate this part of the road.

locust street

Locust Steet Widening

This main corridor just conducted a feasibility study to examine all aspects of the project to determine impact, project plan and budget.  From this assessment, it was concluded that an engineering design would need to be conducted to widen the roadway from 2nd Street to 5th Street, and fix the intersection at Olive Street.  The City is currently working with engineers on right-of-way acquisitions, easements and utility design. 

Elm Street

This project originated from a ARDOT Grant that was received in 2014.  The design plan included expanding Elm Street from 2nd Street to 8th Street.  Due to delays in land acquisition from the state, this project was temporary shelfed.  In 2022, the current city administration reviewed the original engineering as part of a strategic downtown plan for growth and expansion.  In September 2023, the city council approved the final funding needed for construction. The roadway is currently under construction and is expected to open early 2024. 

City Hall Streetscape 

The Old Main Street/ City Hall Streetscape project was funded by a Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) through ARDOT.  The grant was approved for community improvement activities, such as streetscaping and historic bridge rehabilitation for cities Downtown Revitalization plan.  The roadway extends out the front steps of City Hall, down Main St., to 4th Street.  This plan incudes sidewalks, street lighting, a bike cycle track, and a narrow median to create separation for the cycle track.  The cycle track is a designated lane for cyclists that will attach to the sidepath along Elm St.  This path is part of a Strategic Plan for the City that integrates into the Central Arkansas Regional Greenways.

Old Main Streetscape
Screenshot 2023-10-18 152641

10th & St. John

The St John project was established to improve drainage along the roadway, provide a overlay of the existing roadway and plans to integrate sidewalks in that corridor to fit into the 2013 Walkable Cabot Plan.   

Candlewood Sewer Project

This project was designed to bring sanitary sewer to the developed area in the Candlewood subdivision to Highway 89/Kerr Road for future expansion that will increase capacity in the South Cabot Corridor.