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Animal Services

  1. Animal Shelter Donation

    The shelter has many needs that can be fulfilled by donations from the public. Due to your support, our shelter is able to place over... More…

  2. Master Payment Form - AC (For Internal Use)

    This form is for Internal Use

  1. AS Payment Processing Page


  1. BL Payment Processing Page
  2. Renew Business License

    This form is to provide information and payment for renewing existing business licenses.

  1. Purchase Business License

    This form is for purchasing a new business license.

Fire Department

  1. Child Safety Seat Inspection

    Car seat inspections are offered for the general public and are scheduled by appointment from 8:00am - 5:00pm. Our trained technicians... More…

  2. Fire Department Incident Report Request

    You may request an incident report at any time. However, we ask that you give us 7 days from the incident to have it complete. All... More…

  1. Fire Department Feedback Form

    As public servants, Cabot Fire Department is interested in "YOUR" evaluation of the performance of our personnel in answering your call... More…

  2. Storm Shelter Database Program

    The City of Cabot has a Storm Shelter program and would like for all residents of the City of Cabot (within City Limits) to register... More…

Human Resources

  1. Employee Recognition Form

    Have you had a delightful experience with one of our employees? Want to personally recognize their efforts? Complete this form and... More…

  1. General Employment Application

    This is the general employment application used by the Cabot Human Resources department.

Information Technology

  1. Website Feedback

    Use this form to provide feedback for the City of Cabot website.

Police Department

  1. Citizen Complaint / Compliment Form

    Please use this form to file a complaint or to compliment one of the employees of the Cabot Police Department. Any starred field... More…

  2. Drug Information and Tips

    This form will allow you to give specific information about drug activity in your area. The information you give needs to be very... More…

  3. House Watch Request

    The House Watch Request can only be requested up to a maximum of 30 days and no more than three (3) requests each calendar year. ... More…

  4. Police Department Feedback Form

    Use this form to provide feedback to the Cabot Police Department. If you would like to contact us immediately, please use the contact... More…

  1. Crime Tip Information and Public Leads

    This form allows you to give specific information about criminal activity that you know is happening or suspect will help solve a... More…

  2. Extra Patrol Request

    Routine patrols include regular patrols of the entire city. Officers try to cover every part of the city several times a day. The... More…

  3. Neighborhood Crime Watch Program

    To request information on the Neighborhood Crime Watch Program, please supply the requested information so we can contact you and send... More…

Public Works

  1. Abandoned Automobile

    If you know of an automobile that has been abandoned (per Ordinance #6 of 1975) and would like to report it, please fill out the... More…

  2. Litter Control Request

    Please notate details of litter and location as descriptive as possible.

  3. Missing Street Signs

    Report a Missing Street Sign(s) to the City of Cabot Traffic Department.

  4. Sidewalk / Curbramp Installation Request
  5. Street Repair Request

    Please submit this form to the City of Cabot Public Works Department if you are aware of a street in need of repair.

  1. ADA Suggestion(s)
  2. Master Payment Form - PW (For Internal Use)

    For Internal Use in Collecting Payment

  3. PW Payment Processing Page
  4. Sidewalk / Curbramp Repair Request

    Please submit this form to the City of Cabot ADA coordinator's office. If you would like to have a sidewalk / curbramp repaired. If... More…

  5. Street Signs & Paint Markings

    Report a Street Sign(s) or Paint Marking issue(s) to the City of Cabot Traffic Department.